White Oak Water Barrels

The Bar E is proud to offer these fine white oak barrels by one of the oldest cooperages in existence. These barrels are made with the same hand crafted care and on the same machines used 100 years ago. Many a white oak barrel went up the trail from Texas, mounted on the side of a chuck wagon and following a herd of Longhorn cattle. These days most white oak barrels are shipped to Winery’s around the world for aging fine wines. You can now own one of these old time white oak barrels that represent a period in our history long since gone. Use your imagination about what you want to put in it at your next party or decorate with a real old west theme.


15 Gallon
Old dipper not included


35RR These bands are black carbon steel. Be careful when buying barrels with plain steel bands because when the barrel gets wet the plain steel will rust, run down the barrel and causes ugly rust streaks.



5 Gallon PP with Wooden Faucet
“Comes with Bung but not drilled for faucet”
Requires a 13/16 hole if you use our 6″ faucet.
Faucet sold separately.

5 Gallon PP with faucet
and 15 Gallon RR on wagon.
Faucet sold separately


Good quality paraffin lined 30 Gallon barrel. If you want a good barrel but don’t need authenticity or wine barrel quality this is a good barrel.


Cooperage is the name applied to the ancient process of making wooden kegs and barrels.
The craft dates back centuries. A “tight” barrel is made to hold liquids and is usually made from oak.
New barrels would leak some until the liquid in them caused the wood to swell.

Today’s barrels are lined with paraffin to be water tight .

When barrels are stored in a heated building or located in a very dry climate there can be some shrinkage
causing minor leaks. If this occurs you can drive the hoops tighter and/or re-paraffin the inside.
When water is added to the barrel it will swell and stop leaking, usually within an hour or two.
The barrel on our wagon is several years old and always leaks a little until the wood swells.


Equipped with a hinged lid, steel drop handles, 6 galvanized steel hoops, paraffin interior,

All barrels come varnished except the 30RR. This barrel comes plain only

Allow 30 to 45 days.

All barrels are made from quarter sawed white oak staves and heads.

Gallon Capacity

Approx. Weight

Product Code


5 Gallon 18 lbs. 5RR $252.00
10 Gallon 25 lbs. 10RR $286.00
15 Gallon 31 lbs. 15RR $347.00
30 Gallon 50 lbs. 30RR $429.00
35 Gallon 79 lbs. 35RR $560.00
Wooden Faucets:
4“Wooden Faucet $19.00
6“Wooden Faucet $26.00
8″Wooden Faucet

“NEW” 8 inch faucet gives more flow for the big barrels.



*4″ Faucet is recommended for the one and two gallon barrels and requires a 5/8 diameter hole

Plain paraffin lined Oak Kegs with Bung hole, no handles,
5 gallon size shown on top of 30 gallon in picture. PP’s come unvarnished.
Varnished by special order. Allow 30 to 45 days

Gallon Capacity

Approx. Weight

Product Code


1 Gallon 5 lbs. 1PP $ 140.00
2 Gallon 8 lbs. 2PP $ 158.00
3 Gallon 10 lbs. 3PP $ 169.00
5 Gallon 17 lbs. 5PP $ 189.00
10 Gallon 24 lbs. 10PP $ 212.00
15 Gallon 30 lbs. 15PP $ 283.00
30 Gallon 49 lbs. 30PP $ 340.00
Wooden Faucets:
4” Wooden Faucet $ 19.00
6″ Wooden Faucet $ 26.00
8″ Wooden Faucet

“NEW” 8 inch faucet gives more flow for the big barrels

$ 30.00

* 4″ Faucet is recommended for the one and two gallon barrels and requires a 5/8 diameter hole

Shipped United Parcel Service Only


Sour Dough Keg

Of all the grub that’s put out for men to eat,
And all that includes apple pie to rare red meat,
The cook who wins the prize is the one who’s in the know,
And at breakfast, dinner, and supper, feeds them sourdough.
He’s hunted the hills since daylight for gold,
It’s bent his back and made him old,
But he comes in at night, his face all aglow,
A-knowin’ he’s gonna get beans and sourdough.

From “The Complete Sourdough Cookbook”
by Don Holm

(See our Cowboy Books page)

Sour Dough Keg

Two Gallon size
12 inches x 7 ½ inches
Made from top quality sap clear white oak.
Plain interior, no paraffin.



“We don’t think the old Chuck Wagon Cooks had their kegs paraffin lined but we have had people ask if we thought the wood would impart a flavor to the Sour Dough. We don’t know for sure so if you want it Paraffin lined just choose paraffin lined on order form and for an
additional $4.00 we will line it with Paraffin.”

If using the plain unlined keg the first batch of sour dough should be thrown out. The first batch seasons the keg. Also rinse the keg with scalding water before starting your first batch to kill any unwelcome bugs!

Wooden Nail Keg

Reproduction nail keg. Made with wooded hoops like the real old time ones. 13 inch dia. and 18 inches tall. No lid.