Wagon Restoration Parts …continued

Tom Bob, Cody, Charly and Jacob

On the trail.

Our two man tent in the desert. 

Taking a break.

Looking from the drivers seat.

Pictures from the Spanish Trail  ride, July 2003 .
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Tom Bob kept a journal about the ride and if you’re interested
you can read it at ” Retracing the Spanish Trail




Pictures from the 2004 Old Spanish Trail Wagon Train
We started at Antonito, Co., rode 5 days, approx 90 miles
and ended five miles south of Saguacha, Co.

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Tom Bob takes you on a journey back in time
you can read it at ” Retracing the Old Spanish Trail

On the Original Trail

Tom and Joe Bob,
our Chuck Wagon cook.

Taking a break.


Wagon ruts wore into solid rock.
How many thousands of wagons
did it take to do this?

Mules need sleep too.


Cody and Summit Trails
owner Cindy McCollum.

Grandson Colby on Rebel.


End of the Trail.

Jake has a banana on the way home.

Photos by Tom Bob