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We take pride in our Western heritage. As you browse through our different pages, we hope you find what you are looking for, learn a little history, and take a little of that pride home with you.  


Welcome to
Bar E Ranch

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Visit the Blacksmith Shop, see our old time White Oak Barrels, Cowboy Antiques, Wagon Supplies, Dutch Oven Accessories, Shop Vintage Wagons, Cowboy Books & Poetry and all the Wagon Restoration parts you could ever need.

Tom and Cheryle Elliott Proprietors & Bar E Investments

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From Tom Bob's 1865 Texas Stock Directory, we have displayed a few of the ear marks and brands of some of the early south Texas Ranching pioneers. 

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In the days when cattle ran free over vast unfenced territory the brands and marks were the only means of proving ownership. The brands were unique to each individual ranch and by registering them, that brand became the property of the owner and no one else in the county could use it. The book was printed at the San Antonio Texas Heralds office in 1865 and it cost $2.00 to register your brand. 

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