Wagon Restoration Parts


These hinges are an exact replica of hinges used on the folding end gate of several wagon companies.

Hand made in our Black Smith shop.

$60.00 for the set of two.


Exact replica of a latch used by several wagon companies. Hand made in our Blacksmith shop.



Another latch use by several wagon companies. This one is a replica of a latch on my Bain wagon.


Building a new wagon floor. Wagon floors were 7/8 inch thick but if you go to the lumber yard
and buy tongue and groove pine it’s 3/4 inch so we plain our rough cut lumber down to 7/8 and
then cut the tongue and grooves in our shop. We use white oak floor supports and double floor over
the bolsters. We bolt oak cleats to the floor over the rear bolster to keep the box from sliding.


Brand new Weber replica brake system mfg. in our Black Smith shop. Shown in place on a
restored Weber. We really like the Weber brake system. If you want an
excellent brake system for your wagon this is it. Comes complete with brake rod.



Our thanks to Mr. Bill Gray of Baton Rouge, La. for allowing us to restore his Grandfathers old Springfield Wagon.

Before and after pictures of our
John Deere Wagon
fully restored in our shop.

Our latest restoration before and after

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Bain Wagon





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