Wagon Restoration Parts


#5D 1 3/4 long Box Nails

Good for nailing wagon floor down.
171 nails per pound

Order # CX-5

1 pound box $25.00
5 pound box $97.50

Authentic Old Time Cut Nails
From the worlds oldest nail manufacturer.
Making nails the old fashion way since 1819.
We can furnish most any style or size.
Email us your needs.

#7D 2 1/4 Long Clinch Rosehead

Clinch means the nail is malleable enough to be bent over. Good for nailing the 1×4 corner braces of the wagon bed side boards
120 nails per pound
Order # CLR-7

1 pound box $25.00
5 pound box $97.50


Wheel Nuts

We no longer are trying to match your wheel nuts with ours. There are just too many different threads. We can however make you brand new replica nuts but we have to have one of your nuts in order to cut the correct threads in the new one.

$150.00 plus shipping.

Regarding buggy nuts we can make you new ones for $75.00 plus shipping.

Call before sending us your nuts. 1-800-959-5782


$6.00 each.

Early type pin that was used before cotter pins as we know them
today. Springfield used them to hold pins in place as shown in the picture.
Approx. 1 5/8 long, 5/16 wide and 1/8 thick.



Schaeffer’s 238 Ultra Supreme Moly grease. This is a desecendant of the original Black Beauty axle grease used in the mid 1800’s on the wagon wheels of many travelers to the Calif. Gold fields. Ultra supreme is a multi-purpose, tacky, synthetic blend extreme pressure grease that is especially formulated for use in all types of heavy duty equipment being used under adverse conditions of excessive pressure, high shock loading, exreme hot and cold temperatures and moisture.



Wheel Wrenches

Different Sizes, all are rusty. Tell us the width you need.


If we don’t have the size you need we can make you a new one in our Blacksmith Shop. We would need a wheel nut to make sure it fits good. A welded wrench runs $30.00 and a riveted wrench would run $40.00. These would be exact replicas patterned after wrenches we have on hand.

Please email us the size you need before ordering so we can check and see if we have that size.



Usually have several on hand.
Some worn more than others but solid
and ready to use.


Heavy Tongue Cap
With Safety Nipple.
Exact replica of original.
Made in our Blacksmith Shop

Bow Staples

Fits our 1/2″ x 2″ bows.

Note: Bows must be tapered by hand to fit in the staples. These are made this way so the bows won’t slide too far through the staple.

“1/2 x 2 ½ bows.

These are bigger than our regular staples which are ½ x 2. The sides of the bows won’t have to be cut down but the top of the bow may need shaving. If your bow slides thru you may have to fasten it with a wood screw. Requires less work than the smaller staples, your choice, same price

$4.00 each

Draft size double tree and single trees.

48 inch double tree and 34 inch single trees.


Single Tree$69.00

Double Tree$57.00

Brake Shoes

Made from White Oak or Hickory. Metal shoe clip not included but you must send us both of your clips. They are not always identical. We make the shoes to fit your clips. We also need a piece of cardboard with the curve of your wagon wheel traced on it. $225.00 per set


Stay Chains

Hand made the old time way in our Blacksmith Shop. We don’t know anywhere that you can buy brand new stay chains and used ones are very difficult to find. You can’t even buy chain links like this anymore and even if you could they would be zinc coated and not authentic to the wagon era. We hand forge each link and hand forged the hook. These are exact replica of a set of Springfield Wagon Co. Stay Chains that we have in our collection,

$135.00 set of two

Seat Springs

1 1/2″ wide x 24″ long
Two leaf, 3 hole center mounting.
Full turned eye on bottom main leaf.
Oil quenched and tempered in electric controlled furnace.
Primed to prevent rust.

$185.00 per set


Two leaf 1 1/2 inch by 26 inches. These springs hand made the old time way and put together with rivets just like they made them in the wagon days. As far as we can tell we are the only place you can buy these new old time springs. If you’re into authenticity or chuck wagon competition you need to use these springs in your restoration.

$245.00 per set

CHILDS SEAT SPRINGS – Two sizes to choose from. Smaller size measures 1 x 4 1/4 x 12, the larger size measures 1 1/4 x 5 1/4 x 12 3/4. The larger springs are a little heaver. Pick the one that will work best for your application.

Small size $80.00 a set, the large size $100.00 a set.

Covered Wagon Bows

1/2″ x 2″ x 14′
Specify if you want them to fit a 38″ or 42″ wide box.


Because of the on going problem we are having with the freight lines regarding pickup we can no longer ship the bows. I’ve had it with them! Bows are pickup only. I apologize for any inconvenience.


Wagon Cover

13 ounce white Sunforger
Flame retardant, mildew resistant and water repellent
Email us your measurements for a quote.

Specify if you want Loops or Grommets.
Email us for quotes on larger sizes.
Allow 3 to 6 weeks for delivery.
We can furnish end flaps to seal the inside.
These tie to the bows.
We have to have a measurement from the top
of the side board to the top of the bow.

Click for form to email measurements for quote

Wheel Locks

Used to lock the back wheel or wheels of a wagon on a very steep grade. The team would slide the wagon downhill. We recently used a set of these on our wagon on the original Cherokee trail in Wyoming. We traveled 100 miles over this old trail with a wagon train.

34 inches long. Handmade links.
Measure your wagon and make sure this will fit. We can custom make any size. The ring was placed over the floor support rod, shown on picture and left hanging until needed.

$125.00 each

Rough Locks 20 inches long Exact replica of a Conestoga Wagon rough lock except downsized to fit a standard wheel. Shown locked on top of wheel for display purposes but it locks on the bottom of the wheel. Used in conjunction with wheel locks on very steep grades to slow down the sliding wagon and to help keep from wearing out the tire. Fits a 1 3/4 inch wide x 2 3/4 wheel. Handmade in our Blacksmith Shop. Can custom make any size.

$125.00 each

An interesting historical note is that it was against the law to use rough locks on the old turnpikes because it tore the road up too bad.

Cover Hooks

The wagon cover ties to these.
Handmade in our Blacksmith Shop.
Attach with a carriage bolt or rivet.
Takes 18 for a wagon with a ten foot six bed.
These are attached between the eyelets
or loops, not directly under them.

$6.00 each


We started out to replicate an original Giesler
brake but saw a way to improve on the design.

$275.00 plus $75.00 for the brake rod.

You have to cut and bend the rod to fit.

Replica John Deere brake.

An excellent brake for your wagon and not quite as expensive as the Weber brake. Easier to attach to the wagon than the Weber. Comes with the brake rod but you have to cut to length.


Six Hundred Recipes “worth their weight in gold”
published 1867.

Blacking For Harness

Melt 4 ounces mutton-suet with 12 ounces beeswax; add 12 ounces sugar-candy, 4 ounces soft-soap dissolved in water. and 2 ounces indigo, finely powdered.
When melted and well mixed, add 1/2 pint turpentine.
Lay it on the harness with a sponge, and polish off with a brush.

Tongue Bolts

Two Styles. Sloped head and straight head.
Sloped head has a sloped washer with it.
Check your tongue hounds to see
which bolt it takes.

We offer two lengths. 5/8 x 24 and 5/8 x 26, same price.”

Flat Head $45.00
Sloped Head and Washer $55.00

Wheel Guards

Handmade in our Blacksmith Shop
from an original pair that is probably way over 100 years old.
In later years when wagon companies modernized, wheel guards
were cast. They measure 8″ long, 1 1/2 ” wide and 3/8″ thick.
Two 3/8 holes for bolting to wagon floor.

$105.00 a set


Seat Hanger brackets. Reproduction of the original. These are machine stamped. If you don’t want the fancy ones we make in our Black Smith shop these are authentic to the style. Takes four to the seat.

$6.50 each

Weber rear box binders with handle nut.

Each binder comes with rub plates. Exact replica of original.

Makes it easy to load in the rear of the wagon as you don’t have a box rod in the way.

Just slack the nut off and unhook the rods.

Available for 38 inch or 42 inch box.

$145.00Select options

Brake Hanger Assembly

Exact replica like the one shown here on our Springfield Wagon.
$375.00 per set or $188.00 for one.
Hand made in our Black Smith shop.

We don’t know anywhere you can buy these new

Foot Board Brackets.

Exact replica hand made in our Black Smith Shop.
Comes as a set, four pieces.

All the metal parts you need to build a Lazy Back Wagon Seat.


Tool box ready to mount to your wagon. 21 inches long, 7 inches deep,
7 inches tall at back. Comes with mounting bolts and hinge screws.


Wagon Seats. Exact replica of original seats.

Two sizes for 38 or 42 inch boxes.


Shipped in 3 pieces you assemble.

Price includes $25.00 crate fee.



Wagon Tongue blanks. Kiln dried Ash, exact replica of original wagon tongues. Tapers from 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 to 3 1/4 by 3 1/4. 127 inches for regular size horses and mules and 138 inches for drafts.
Pick up only.



Buggy Tongue. Very good condition.


Pick up only on these tongues.


Put this with the unpainted one: The tongue on this Buggy tongue is slightly warped. Very useable.
Only $150.00.
Pick up only on these tongues.

Seat Pad

It doesn’t take but one day on a wagon train to realize you need one of these. We speak from experience! White canvas covered bedroll pad with zippers. Made to tie to a lazy back wagon seat as shown. One size fits 38″ or 42″ box seat.

Allow 30 days for delivery.

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