Wagon Restoration Parts


All that’s left of a once proud Springfield Wagon.
Some of the parts will go to restore another old wagon.
We have a large inventory of used wagon parts.
If you don’t see what you need please email us.



Box Rods

Holds the sideboards on the wagon together.
Comes with two metal washers that screw on
the side board. 43 inches for 42 inch bed and
39 inches for 38 inch bed. We can make any length
or diameter.

Just email us your needs.
NOTE: If your wagon has a threaded washer set into
the sideboards the threads might not match
these rods. Old time threads were different.
However, you can re-cut the washer threads with a tap.

3/8, 7/16, or 1/2 inch.

$85.00 each.

Specify diameter and length on order page.

#HRS Complete Set of Threaded Rods and Hangers. To hold up the floor of the Wagon. Hand hammered and threaded in our Blacksmith Shop “includes nuts and washers” $588.00

Individual Prices:

#TRZ Z threaded Rods $55.00 ea.
#TH16 16 1/4″ threaded hanger $60.00 ea.
#TH12 12 1/2″ threaded hanger $58.00 ea.

#SBS Side Board Stake brackets

$8.00 each

Fits 1 ¾ wide x 1 inch thick side board stake.


#RHSR 1/4x 2 1/4 Round Head Steel Rivets

You Cut to length. Approx. 26 to the pound.

We suggest leaving 3/16 to pene.

$7.85 a pound

Unplated Carriage Bolts

They didn’t have zinc plated shiny bolts or hex head
nuts in the wagon
manufacturing days. If you want to be
authentic you need unplated bolts with square nuts.


If you don’t see the size you need email us as we carry a
larger inventory of sizes than shown here.

We now have available 5/16- 18 x 3 1/4 square head machine bolts, grade 5, black carbon steel. You can’t buy a grade 5 in this machine bolt anywhere, only mild steel which break under stress. I know this from experience. We had these special made which was expensive.  This is the correct length for the bolts that hold the seat spring to the bottom of the seat.  If you need a shorter length you can cut them off. If you want to be authentic in your restoration you need square head black carbon machine bolts. $4.25 @ plus shipping. Order by phone 800-959-5782. 

#CB 1/4x20x2 1/2 Box of 50 $26.65
#CB 1/4x20x1 1/2 Box of 50 $19.02
#CB 3/8x16x2 1/2 Box of 50 $29.20
#CB 3/8x16x3 1/2
Box of 50 $35.10
#CB 3/8x16x4 Box of 50 $45.00
1/4 x 20 square nuts Box of 100 $21.62
3/8 x 16 square nuts Box of 100 $17.89
1/4 USS flat washers (approx. 161 to the lb.)
$10.40 per pound
3/8 USS flat washers (approx. 161 to the lb.) $9.54 per pound
1/2 USS flat washers (approx. 161 to the lb.)
$9.54 per pound
1/2 13 square nuts Box of 50 $24.88



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