John Eggen “Cowboys”




Cowboys John Eggen

In the frontier of Colorado in 1903, 

Frank Sherman had a photography studio 

and souvenir shop in Colorado Springs. 

He decided that he needed more postcards to

sell to the tourists, so he visited his brothers who worked at the Holt Livestock Co., in Hugo  Colorado. He packed up his gear and went to photograph the cattle roundup. His timing was fortuitous. Just before the  roundup was to start, word came that  President Theodore Roosevelt would be  stopping in Hugo on his western trip.

Frank Sherman got the pictures. Those pictures and other wonderful images of the Old West are presented here for the  first time. Having saved them from  destruction, John Eggen has made it his 

avocation to preserve them and share them  with a fascinated public.

An earlier volume, “The West that Was”  met with popular and critical acclaim.  This new work brings even more of the 

cowboy’s day-to-day existence to life.