Bar E Ranch Cookbook




Born out of 19th-century cattle drives, the chuckwagon is both utilitarian and nostalgic. The meals that were prepared and served at the wagon weren’t fancy, yet they were as diverse as the Western landscape and the cowboys on the crew. Tom and Cheryle Elliott preserve and perpetuate the history of the chuckwagon and authentic cowboy grub in their Bar E Ranch Chuckwagon Cookbook. The old-time recipes are simple and combine ingredients that are staples in most pantries, but they yield filling, flavorful, homestyle meals that will bring your crew back for  seconds.

A bonus: The Elliotts offer tips for cooking in Dutch ovens, recipes and rations from Old West army cooking manuals, a handy chart for cooking for large groups and other trivia. – Jennifer Denison, Senior Editor and Cowboy Style Editor, Western Horseman Magazine