Sour Dough Keg Plain interior, (with or without paraffin)


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Two Gallon size

12 inches x 7 ½ inches

Made from top quality sap clear white oak.

Plain interior, no paraffin.


“We don’t think the old Chuck Wagon Cooks had their kegs paraffin lined but we have had people ask if we thought the wood would impart a flavor to the Sour Dough. We don’t know for sure so if you want it Paraffin lined just choose paraffin lined on order form and for an additional $4.00 we will line it with Paraffin.”

If using the plain unlined keg the first batch of sour dough should be thrown out. The first batch seasons the keg. Also rinse the keg with scalding water before starting your first batch to kill any unwelcome bugs!

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