Cowboy Books

The Bar E Ranch Chuck Wagon Cook Book – A collection of personal recipes, very old family recipes, pioneer recipes from the early  frontier days, and a historical view with recipes, of Army cooking in the old west. Also included are old weights and measures no longer used today such as “256 lbs. of soap make 1 barrel” and “100 lbs. of fish make 1 quintal”. A history of the Chuck Wagon and how to cook on wood coals and a chapter called “Some Things Worth Knowing” from the distant past.  You’ll laugh, you’ll smile, and if you’re old enough you’ll remember. This book contains some of the best recipes you’ll ever run across but it’s more than recipes it’s a historical look at the cooking our ancestors did.



Born out of 19th-century cattle drives, the chuckwagon is both utilitarian
and nostalgic. The meals that were prepared and served at the wagon weren’t
fancy, yet they were as diverse as the Western landscape and the cowboys
on the crew. Tom and Cheryle Elliott preserve and perpetuate the history
of the chuckwagon and authentic cowboy grub in their Bar E Ranch Chuckwagon Cookbook. The old-time recipes are simple and combine ingredients that are staples in most pantries, but they yield filling, flavorful, homestyle meals that will bring your crew back for seconds.
A bonus: The Elliotts offer tips for cooking in Dutch ovens, recipes and rations
from Old West army cooking manuals, a handy chart for cooking for large groups and other trivia.

-Jennifer Denison, Senior Editor and

Cowboy Style Editor, Western Horseman Magazine

The Old Reliable
The History of the Springfield
Wagon Company
1872 – 1952
by Steven Lee Stepp, 1972
Written by Mr. Stepp as a Masters Thesis 
for Southwest Missouri State College
The author was able to gain access to the 
early business papers of  the Springfield Wagon Company.
These papers, still in their original 
form and largely intact,
provide great insight
into the daily workings of the largest
company west of the Mississippi River. 
Former employees, still living at the time 
aided greatly in filling gaps in the written records.
Paper back, 150 pages, with several pages 
of old ads and pictures.
Each book personally signed by Mr. Stepp.


Rare views of the old West 1849 – 1915

 Over 200 authentic, rare, and often unpublished vintage photographs explore life in the Old West – from the Gold Rush to the First World War. Here are the stagecoaches, the horse drawn wagons, the towns, and the people who lived on the frontier of America. These are the people who bet their lives on a trip of hundreds of days in cramped wagons through very dangerous territories.  It is remarkable that there were photographers to record these events on film. The visual record is supported with narratives, many in the first person, and important historical information. Paper back, 175 pages.




Reprint of Catalog Number 41, 1915 Springfield Wagon Company
6″ x  8 1/2″, 32 pages


1903 Peter Schutter Abridged Catalog – Reprint
This black & white, Schutter catalogue and price list features 7 high wheel wagon and cart illustrations as well as images of the original 1843 shop and ‘modern’ 1903 plant. The small 16 page length and 3.5″ x 6″ size was used as a “mini-preview” of Schutter’s product line. The larger, full- length catalogue was available upon written request to
Schutter & Hotz – Chicago, Illinois.


WEBER WAGON catalog from McCormick-Deering.64 pages with a nice color image of a Weber wagon. This catalog is a reprint combining several catalogs and is full of black and white images and lots of good information.

PETER SCHUTTLER WAGON catalog reprint. 64 pages full of black and white images and great information. Includes several pages with images telling how the Schuttler wagon was constructed.

The Fence That Me and Shorty Built

The latest inspirational book penned by Red Steagall, containing all of his poetry and music written since his first book, the highly esteemed Ride For the Brand.
Contains musical lead sheets, plus personal photos and Red’s own private thoughts regarding the inspirations for many of his works.
This new hard-cover book will take you back to a simpler time when life was a little slower.

Introduction by President George W. Bush

Hard-Cover Book $ 19.95

Florence Wagons reproduction catalog.
Twenty four pages, spiral bound.
Measures 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches.