The Blacksmith Shop

Tucked away in the hills of the Ozark Mountains, four miles to the nearest paved road, and a quarter mile down a narrow lane that looks more like a cow trail, you’ll find our Black Smith Shop. There’s no sign on the main road pointing the way and no sign on the plain metal building, but from this quiet hidden spot in the mountains, some of the finest Black Smith work in the world is created.

Our Black Smith, Bubba Hutcheson, has been quietly practicing his trade for nearly twenty years. Bubba has custom made fire place screens, tools, and other items for some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. He specializes in custom work and one of a kind Black Smithing. If you have special needs for any kind of Black Smith work send us your drawings and/or pictures along with dimensions and we’ll give you a quote. Tom Bob says Bubba can forge together anything but the crack of dawn and a broken heart and thats pretty dang good!!


The Artist at work.REMEMBER…………..everything is hand made the old fashioned way. Nothing is machine cold stamped or bent !!!!!

Black Smith items are made when the order is placed. Please allow 30 to 60 days for delivery.



The Forge

“Little Giant” Antique Trip Hammer. They don’t make these anymore.
These were originally powered by a series of belts and pulleys running off a gasoline or steam engine that ran the entire shop.



Picture taken just before Bubba threw his hammer at Tom Bob !
Artist are tempermental!!!!



Need an antique metal part they don’t make anymore such as a wagon part?
Send us the broke part or picture with dimensions and we’ll give you a quote.

Boot Jack

Hate getting down on your knees in the closet looking for your boot jack? Got a bad back and hate bending over to set your boot jack right side up? Here’s the answer to your problems! Bubba forged this replica of a boot jack made in the 1700’s. All hand hammered and hand forged.



Hat Holder

Tired of your hat falling off the traditional hat racks, especially in a bouncing horse trailer? I was too so we designed this one.Attaches with two wood screws. You can slide the holder off and put it in the cabinet if you like. Comes unpainted, you paint. We painted ours with flat black.



Fire Place Tools

4 piece Twist Handle Fireplace tool set with basket weave stand. Includes shovel, poker, tongs, and hand tied broom.
Overall height approx. 40″ Basket weave is 12″ long, twist on handles 5″ long.




We can make any size and design.

Chuck Wagon Fireplace set.

Fireplace Set with extensions on each end
for hanging spoons, coffee pot, etc. away from fire. Over all length 85 1/2″. Center to center of hangers 64″. Note the close up picture of the top of the upright stake. We found through experience that if you drove the old style in hard ground enough times it would eventually flatten to the bend and could come apart. The old style was the original way the Chuck Wagon cooks made them and they had the same problem. We now make the top longer and attach the hook with rivets.



Coffee Tipper
These are great for pouring coffee as you don’t have to pick the pot up, just grab the handle, push down and pour. Of course you have to have a handle on the bottom of your pot for these to work.
This tipper will work on a 2 1/2 gallon and up.


Tall Lid Lifter – Tired of bending over to check your dutch ovens? No more bending with this lid lifter.

Tall lid lifter (58″ long). $60.00
Short lid lifter (31″ long). $52.00

$52.00$60.00Select options

Chuck Wagon Grill

Chuck Wagon Grill – We have redesigned our grill as per these pictures. The new length is approx. 64 inches. ½ inch cross bars just lay on top. Much easier than the old way.

Fire Place set not included.

Must be ordered by phone 800-959-5782


Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Fireplace set not included.

This item is heavy and requires several boxes to ship. Price includes extra cost for shipping and a UPS oversize charge

Originally used over fireplace to raise
and lower the pot. Adjust from 14″ to 20″.




“POT” Hooks
Every Chuck Wagon and old Fireplace had these.
4, 6, and 8 inch, $7.00 each

12″, $9.00 Order any combination.

$7.00$9.00Select options



Fork, Sieve, ladle, and Regular Spoon. All hand hammered and fasten together with rivets. Regular Spoon not shown.

Approx. 14″ long.
$35.00 per piece

$35.00Select options




You can turn some flap jacks with this!


If you cook with cast iron you probably know that if you scrape the pot with a metal spoon you can remove the non stick surface. I was caught up in the shop the other day and decided to make a few of these.

Made from dry Hickory wood 11 1/2 inches long and 1/2 inch thick. Sealed with Watco Butcher Block oil and finish. Safe for food surfaces. The hole in the end is the right size to hang on your pot hook over the fire.

Limited supply.


Meat Hook



Easier to put up and take down. Cross bars and expanded metal grills.

Coal doors to add wood or shovel out coals for your dutch ovens.

DIMENSIONS: 12 “ x 22 ½” x 52 ½


Must be ordered by phone. 800-959-5782

Shipping can run $500 to $600 dollars.


Fire Box Stand Option: Lots of you have asked about a stand so we got with our Black Smith and designed one.

Height is adjustable from the ground to the top of the grill 35 inches to 40 inches. Like our fire box it’s very easy to put up and take down.

This stand raises the working surface up to a height that might be more convenient for some people. With the stand you can also set up on a concrete patio or use it in the yard to keep from killing the lawn.


Must be ordered by phone. 800-959-5782

HEAVY DUTY CUSTOM TRIPOD – Approx. 5 ft. 7 inches tall when open, 9/16 rod with fancy wraps, 36 inch chain.


We make this when ordered and they must be ordered by phone as shipping has to be calculated. Call 800-959-5782 to order by phone.

Fire poker 30 inches long with Twist handle. Goes with the fire box.


Flag holder – Over all length 40 inches, 1 1/2 inch diameter openings, made from 1/2 inch bar stock.

Allow two to four weeks for delivery.