Antiques and Wagon Supplies

Old Buck Saw 28″ Blade with 27″ handle. Good condition and ready to use. This type of saw was carried on a lot of wagons. The one we ship you may not be an exact
match to the one pictured but it will be of equal quality.



Of all the grub that’s put out for men to eat,
And all that includes apple pie to rare red meat,
The cook who wins the prize is the one who’s in the know,
And at breakfast, dinner, and supper, feeds them sourdough.
He’s hunted the hills since daylight for gold,
It’s bent his back and made him old,
But he comes in at night, his face all aglow,
A-knowin’ he’s gonna get beans and sourdough.

From “The Complete Sourdough Cookbook”
by Don Holm

(See our Cowboy Books page)

Sour Dough Keg

Two Gallon size
12 inches x 7 ½ inches
Made from top quality sap clear white oak.
Plain interior, no paraffin.


“We don’t think the old Chuck Wagon Cooks had their kegs paraffin lined but we have had people ask if we thought the wood would impart a flavor to the Sour Dough. We don’t know for sure so if you want it Paraffin lined just choose paraffin lined on order form and for an additional $4.00 we will line it with Paraffin.”

If using the plain unlined keg the first batch of sour dough should be thrown out. The first batch seasons the keg. Also rinse the keg with scalding water before starting your first batch to kill any unwelcome bugs!


Metal Cup

“This is an improved version of tin using stainless steel with a brushed finish that looks similar to tin. This eliminates rusting. Heavy duty and durable. 12 oz.



We now stock another good quality cup. Made from 304 stainless steel, holds 12 ounces, rust free, no metallic taste, and heavy duty. 






Metal Plate

9 1/2″ Diameter best quality metal dinner plate. Brushed stainless steel that looks like tin but has the advantage of not rusting.



Wilcox and Stow Best Quality coffee grinder

Nice condition and ready for your chuck box.

Seven inches tall, hopper is 5 inches wide at the top.

Small dent in the brass emblem.


From Bill Hoover The Village Tinsmith

After using your items for an event, wash and dry them well when you get home. This is for all potables, even blackened coffee boilers. Do not scrub to remove the black. After drying well rub mineral oil over each item, inside and out, and yes, even over the blackened outsides. This oil helps preserve the tin and the solder, and takes the place of using rendered lard as was the practice in the 1860’s. When packing for an event, wash with soap and water, dry well, and you are ready to go.

Water Dippers
Old enamelware water dippers, white with red trim.
We usually have several on hand. All useable but some have a few chips and minor rust. They don’t make these old dippers anymore.
Hard to find.


We now have a few old gray graniteware dippers and some black/blue/gray and white enamelware. Our choice on colors depends on what we have on hand.
“temporarily out of grey dippers”

Your Choice $45.00

#1 Grade 3 Strand Twisted Manila Rope

1/2 inch – .50 cents a foot
3/8 inch – .35 cents a foot

Made from premium fibers in the Philippines to exceed the highest U.S. Gov’t. standards. Specially treated to provide long life service and manufactured with a lack of slivers that characterize other fiber ropes. This product is strong, stretch resistant and holds a knot well. Used at home, in industry, on the farm and for decorative work.

This is the best quality manila rope available. Real Manila is increasingly hard to find as everyone has gone to synthetic rope. We recommend the 1/2 inch for staking your wagon fly down

Burlap Sack, 26 inches wide and 40 inches long. Excellent condition. $10.00.

Nice decorative wheel.
Two inch tire and 26 inch dia. Nice looking wheel for your wood working projects. NOT to be used as a working
wagon wheel. We can bore the hole in the hub to your specs.
$225.00 plus shipping.
Allow 4 to 5 weeks. Call to order. 1-800-959-5782

White Poloris Cook Flys. Double reinforced stress points to withstand a lot of wind. Loops or grommets. Canvas reinforced corners for authenticity, no vinyl. Comes in all sizes from
10 x 16 to 20 x 30.
Email or call us for a quote.
Rope and poles not included.

10×10 Single Pole Pyramid Tent
Very popular because of the ease in which it sets up. Can be used with a single pole or tied to a tree limb. Historical references document that this style tent was used as far back as 1820.
This is the tent Cody and Tom Bob carry on Wagon Trains. Made from 13 oz. waterproof duck, flame retardant and mildew proof. Zipper door and sewn in vinyl floor. Off white color. You furnish stakes and 2 x 4 pole. We use 10 inch nails from the hardware store with steel washers. Besides groments at the corners there are 3 more on each side. The groments are attached to double heavy nylon straps.
Allow 30 days for delivery.

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Seat Pad

It doesn’t take but one day on a wagon train to realize you need one of these. We speak from experience! White canvas covered bedroll pad with zippers. Made to tie to a lazy back wagon seat as shown. Specify 42″ or 38″ wagon bed.

Allow 30 days for delivery.

Cowboy Bedroll
Mountain Fiest not included Improved version of the same bedroll
cowboys used on trail drives.
7×18 Poloris comes with snaps and rings for closure.
Fabric is 14.90 oz. water-mildew-shrink resistant
and flame retardant CPA1-84. Fabric will self
extinguish when source of flame is removed.
Meets government specifications.
Comes with a 2″ firm foam pad with cordura nylon covering.
Can be unfolded and used as a tarp. Extra clothing can be
rolled up in one end for protection from the elements.
“Comes in White only”



Genuine Outhouse
Leave it to Tom Bob !
“Here’s where Tom Bob does his serious thinking”

Chuck Wagon
Fireplace Set


“POT” Hooks

Forks and Spoons


Visit our Blacksmith Shop for the above items as well as other great merchandise.