Its hard to believe that barely five years ago this creative award winning web designer purchased her first computer and instantly became addicted to the internet. Shortly after purchasing her computer she drifted into Geocities and discovered you could have a free personal web page, only catch being you had only two weeks to design and get it up. When most of us at that point would still be trying to figure out how to send email Samantha built her first web site  and needless to say, was hooked! It wasn't long before Geo recognized her talent, hard work, and creativity  and asked her to become one of their community leaders. In this position she taught people who were just starting and had no knowledge of html how to build web pages. In 1997 she became a site monitor for Geocities and in 1998 became Liaison for the Nashville community in Geocities. As the community leader she supervised 21 leaders in teaching basic html, tables, frames, and paint shop pro classes. In October of 1997  her personal site was commended by Geocities for excellent contribution and was chosen to be featured on the main site of the Nashville Neighborhood. Also in October she received the Web Angel Award for good design and clever graphics that were well presented and easy to access. In December of 97 she was welcomed to Geo's enhanced Geo Rewards program which was set up for sites they considered to be some of the best sites in Geo. There have been numerous other awards but we think the work speaks for its self and invite you to take a look at some of her web designs which range from the fairly simple, cost effective, to the more advanced.

Whatever your needs, the Bar E Ranch web design team stands ready to make your web dreams come alive. We can build you a brand new site or redesign your old one. Just let us know your needs.




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