Original Log Homestead On The
Bar E Ranch

Picture taken around 1900. 
The fireplace rocks and hand dug well are still there.

Tillmon and Eliza Issacs received a patent from the United States Government on April 10, 1894 for 160 acres. This original patent signed by President Grover Cleveland hangs in our home along with the picture of the cabin. Pictured are Tillmon Issacs, Eliza Issacs, and sons Jeff, Bob and Bill. 

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The Bar E Crew
Cody, Jamie, Cheryle, Tom






Cheryle -  Office Manager


Our Barn and Shop.


Our Shop.

Our Shop.

Cody Elliott
The Bar E Ranch Manager


Road to Red Mountain

View from Red Mountain

Road to the ranch house.


Tom Bobs catfish pond.



One of the many rock walls on the Bar E.
The early settlers had no fencing material
and when clearing their fields would use 
the rocks to build walls.


Wild Roses


Jonquils at the Old Homestead 
on Red Mountain. Must have been the 
only flower the early settlers had. 
Found around every old home place.


Pete and Jake our Percheron

Linn Creek runs across the Bar E. 

Cattle on the West Flat.

Photos by Tom Bob

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