One hundred years old and still cooking!
Lodge Manufacturing is a fourth generation Family owned business dating back to 1896 producing premier quality cast iron cookware.

Back in the days when most every meal was fixed over an open hearth, one tool that was indispensable for quality cooking was the Dutch oven.

Lewis and Clark listed it as their most essential piece of equipment during their great Northwestern trek in the early 1800's. The name probably comes from the fact that the cast-iron cookware used by early American settlers was often sold door-to-door by Dutch peddlers. The most important fact about the Dutch oven though, is that it makes cooking fun and easy. And the end results is delicious. 

Each Dutch oven comes with use, care and seasoning instructions.


Lodge Dutch Oven Lid Lifter




P2 Tall  Boy Tripod
with 36" Chain.
60" Legs
with 1/2 Bar Stock.
( Dutch Oven Not Included)


From "Six Hundred Receipts", worth their weight in gold.
Published in 1867.
How To Make Very Nice Cologne
Take 2 drachms oil of lemon
2 drachms oil of rosemary
1 drachm oil of lavender
2 drachms oil of bergamot
10 drops oil of cinnamon
2 drops oil of rose
10 drops oil of cloves
8 drops tincture pf musk
1 quart of alcohol, ( or spirits of wine)
Mix all together, and shake well, when it will be ready to use.
The older it gets, the better.
( Just drank the alcohol and you won't care what you smell like!)
From "Six Hundred Receipts", worth their weight in gold. Published in 1867.
To Make Godfrey's Cordial
Dissolve 1/2 ounce opium and one drachm oil of sassafras in two ounces spirits of wine, (alcohol.) Now mix 4 pounds of molasses with 1 gallon of boiling water; when cold, mix the other ingredients with it. (Ready)
It will sooth the pains in children.
( I bet 1/2 ounce of opium would cure most anybodys pain! )



Lodge Dutch Oven Tote Bags
Constructed of heavy duty Black 
Polyester with PVC backing. 
Bags have self-sealing zipper 
and double-padded bottom.
Left to right:

A1-10 10" Totebag
A1-12 12" Totebag
A1-14 14" Totebag
A1-16 16" Totebag (one left)

$35.00 (one left)

Lodge Camp Dutch Ovens.

4 Qt. Camp Dutch Oven - 10" Dia. Depth : 3 1/2 "

6 Qt. Camp Dutch Oven - 12" Dia. Depth : 3 3/4 "


8 Qt. Deep Camp Dutch Oven- 12" Dia. Depth : 5"




10 Qt. Deep Camp Dutch Oven- 14" Dia. Depth : 5"


All Camp Ovens come complete with 
Integral legs and Flanged lid.


Tom Bobs Cowboy Stew
and Baked Beans.
Hmmmmmm Good!

Above picture shows trammel in use and
Lodge Lid Lifter. See the Blacksmith page
for more info on the trammel.


Lid Stand - Used to set your
Dutch Oven lid on to keep it clean.
A5-3 $13.00.

Trivet -
Goes in your Dutch Oven to keep the meat from
sticking to the  bottom. Eight inch diameter.  
L8DOT3 $12.50.

Photos by Tom Bob
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