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In order for us to create your web site in the minimal amount of time,
please be sure to thoroughly describe your company and
include any files or images that you would like on the web page.

We will contact you if more information is needed.

Special Features which Include:
Forms, Order Form, Animated Graphics, Sound, Java, Custom Artwork,
will be priced on an individual basis.

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Last Name: 
Zip Code: 
E-Mail : 
Counter Animation
Guestbook Email Forms
Custom Logo and Backgrounds  Order Forms 
Sound Files  Frames 
Java Other
Please give us a synopsis of what additional information about you
or your site that you feel would help in the design process:
( Theme, special fonts, color preference, backgrounds, etc )

If you have secured a web site please list domain (address)
and all information pertaining to the host.
( Notice all passwords and information will be held confidential)

If you have not secured a web site ,
would you like for us to secure one for you?
If so list preferences.


Please list any Personal Information,
if commercial, products to be sold. etc.
that would help us in building your site .
Again information to be held confidential


Any other comments, questions, concerns ?

Before work is started on a project, a deposit of 50% is required.
After work has been completed the remaining 50% balance is due.


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